Shri. H. V. Rangarao, was a good Astrologer, Auditor, and Shanbhogue !

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“इति जैमिनि अश्वमेध् पुराण् समाप्तह ” : was one among many Marathi holy books, read by Rangarao.

Ranga rao was born in the family of Shanbhogue, who were collecting taxes and deposit in the treasury of Holalkere Talluk office.  His father was Shri. Venkatanarayanappa, and mother was Smt. Subbamma. The Shanbhogue profession was from ancestral and this profession passed on, from father to son.

Venkatanarayanappa had three sons and one daughter. 1.Ramaswamaiah, 2. Ranga rao, 3. Subba rao, 4. Janamma.

Ramaswamaiah, was working as shirastedar in the office of Tahashildar. It was a government job.  When transferred he has to move from one town to another. Third son was working as municipal councillor at The Municipal office, Holalkere. Ranga rao, was woring at Davanagere, in a private firm called, Messrs. Volkart brother. (Later known as Volkart patel) Company used to send him to Maharastra and Andhrapradesh to procure samples of the Agricultural commodities, like, Cotton, Groundnut, Tordal, and other products.  His job was to visually evaluate the seeds and certify, so that those products were shipped to U.K

Ranga rao had the lucrative job, and he travelled to Nanded, Jalna, Akola, Bombay and many places like Bejavada, Bobli, Bijapur, Narayananagar, etc;

Rangarao’s father when attained ripe age, wanted to hand over his duties to one of his sons. No one was readily agreed to accept. But Ranga rao was very obedient and loving son, and agreed to resign his job while serving at Bombay. He came with his family and accepted the job of Shanbhogue.  He worked as Aditor at the Agricultural Co.operative society, Holalkere. He was knowing Astrology. But he did not like to make money out of it.  It was a hobby for him to study Astrology.

Ranga rao,had a very good collection of so many books in his library. They were, The Wreck, Post office, Red olender, Geetanjali, Ashwathaman, As you like it. The kannada translations of Begali books :  Kapalakundali, Mahashvete, Patala bhairavi, by Shri Galaganatha

Books written by, Anakru, Kuvempu, etc; The Astrological magazine, Dr. B,V.Raman’s publications.

‘Sevasadana’, a  weekly magazine on Vedanta :

Published from Gubbi Chidambarashram.

Adhyatma prakasha :

Published from Adhyatma prakasha karyalaya, Holenarasipur), Kailasam, B.em.Shri. Tinam shri, S. V. Ranganna, Shrinivasa murthy, K.V.Iyar’s Rupadarshi, Samudyata, Rajaratnam’s books, V.Si, and so many reputed authors.

Rare books on Astrology :

Books on Astrology by the Indian and foreign authors, were almost daily studied by Shri. Ranga rao.

* ‘Brihad jatakam’ (Original in Telugu) Its translation in English.

He was contributed regularly to  the Astrological magazine. It seems he used to regularly attend the birth day celebrations of Shri. Suryanarayana shastry, (Dr. B. V. Raman’s grand father) one of the founders of the magazine.

Ranga rao wrote the Horoscope of all the members of his family.  He helped his frieds and relatives by preparing Horoscopes free of charge.

*’Anubhavamruta’- Book, Complied songs

Simple poems of high spiritual meaning. Author : Mahalingaranga, (revised and edited) by Shri. Hosakere Chidambarayya. 

‘Eelctroculture on crops’ :

This monogram, was one among many rare collections of Shri. H.V. Rangarao. ‘Electro culture on crops’,  written by H. J. Krishna rao, (By profession he was a lawyer. But,  his scientific studies on passing the low voltage current on  the crops were documented and published by him.)

* []

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